Back doctor

Wesley Family Chiropractic offers a wide range of back care services to patients of all ages in the Glen Ellyn, IL area. Focused on the comfort, well-being and functional health of all their patients, Drs. Mark Wesely and Michelle Wesely are highly skilled in the latest chiropractic care available.

People are in Pain

The American Chiropractic Association reports that about half of American adults in the workforce experience back pain in varying severity. Most of this back pain do not originate in a serious condition, such as cancer, but in the simple daily routines of life.

Through spinal manipulation, a skilled back doctor such as Mark Wesely or Michelle Wesely works with the muscles, nerves, joints, bone and connective tissues of the back to re-align them into the pattern Nature intended. Re-alignment corrects subluxations or defects in how the vertebrae and joints of the back line-up. These defects interfere with the electrical signals being sent up and down the spine and out to various parts of the body.

Primarily a manual technique developed and practiced during extensive training in chiropractic college, spinal manipulation gradually and gently restores spinal joint function and reduces inflammation and pain.

Chiropractic care also relieves pain in other parts of the body. A headache, arthritis, car accident injuries, leg pain (sciatic nerve) and neck pain are common reasons why people see a chiropractor and find relief.

People Desire Better Health

Chiropractors also provide support for individuals undergoing physical therapy. Spinal adjustments and at-home exercises from an experienced back doctor enhance the work done at the PT clinic. Additionally, back doctors show patients how to feel better and live healthier lives through:

  • nutritional analysis and coaching
  • massage therapy
  • postural screenings
An initial appointment with Dr. Mark Wesely or Dr. Michelle Wesely involves a basic patient screening. The back doctor takes the patient's vital signs, measures height, weight and reflexes and then evaluates basic:
  • the range of motion, particularly in areas of active symptoms
  • muscular strength
  • muscular tone

X-rays and other nerve and muscle tests round out the assessment and help the doctor formulate an individualized treatment plan.

People Want Natural Solutions

Your back doctor focuses on helping you and your body heal itself. Supportive therapies include vitamins, supplements and dietary counsel. For acute issues, shoe orthotics, electrical stimulation and heat and cold therapies allow nerves, muscles and connective tissues to heal gently, possibly avoiding surgical and pharmaceutical interventions.

More than Re-alignment

If you are experiencing acute or chronic pain or just want a better handle on your overall health, call Wesely Chiropractic for an appointment. Phone (630) 790-3335.