I suffered from a knee injury and my pain was unbearable because it was affecting my whole lifestyle. I could not sleep, walk, or sit.

I visited three doctors who could not lower my pain level and told me that I had to learn to cope with pain and start with steroid shots. Those choices were very expensive and left me completely hopeless because the only choice they gave me was to learn to live with the pain. I knew that there was another answer and that is when I found Wesely Family Chiropractic P.C.

Drs. Wesely gave me hope and showed me that complete recovery can happen through the right treatment, a healthy lifestyle and encouragement. Now, I am pain free and living a happier and healthier lifestyle. I am so confident with the Drs. That I can’t help but share this with everyone that I meet! It took me less than 3 months to recover, and I didn’t need more money, a year or steroid shots to get there.

Drs. Wesely can be trusted with your whole health. They are knowledgeable, experienced and a very passionate team that tailors a health plan according to your needs. They have a deep desire for you to know exactly what to expect and always welcome questions. You don’t have to live with pain, be free of it. Visit Drs Wesely and you will be happy that you did!

Good luck on your road to recovery and tell them that “The Morgans” sent you! We know that the best compliment to give a doctor is a referral.

They are just that good!

~The Morgans

  • Just bought some homeopathic products here. Fair price and convenient location.

    - Cliff L
  • Absolutely amazing chiropractor service from BOTH Dr. Michelle and Dr. Mark. There are kind and very knowledgeable. Couldn’t recommend enough!

    - Lauren C
  • Best choice you can make. Great people!!

    - Joe M
  • .

    - Robert Mesce

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