Back Pain

Back Pain

Back pain can negatively impact just about every aspect of your everyday life, from the way you perform everyday activities, to your work, and your overall wellbeing. Back pain can be a recurring problem for some, but to others, the condition can be debilitating. Remember that help is available and that surgery is not always your only option, learn more by reaching out to Dr. Mark Wesely and Dr. Michelle Wesely of Wesely Family Chiropractic in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Common Causes

There are many possible causes for recurring back pain, the condition can be brought on by falls, car accidents, sports injuries, and a variety of chronic health problems. It's why it's so important to seek help as soon as the condition develops, early diagnosis typically translates into early treatment, and early treatment is often the least invasive and most successful. Your doctor can assess your symptoms and develop a personalized treatment plan to meet your individual needs.

When To Seek Help

Muscle strains and sprains can also result in back pain, and although these can heal on their own in just a few days, or weeks, it's still important to seek help.

Speak with your provider if your pain is affecting your sleep, if it lasts more than a few days, if there are other symptoms like fever or signs of infection if you've been managing persistent pain with over-the-counter medication, or if it impacts other aspects of your daily life.

Back Pain Treatment in Glen Ellyn, IL

Your doctor can provide a variety of treatments that can lessen the impact of your symptoms, including, but not limited to, chiropractic adjustments. These treatments can allow you to reduce your reliance on pain medication and may even allow you to avoid surgery in certain cases.

If you're struggling with persistent back pain and would like to explore your treatment options you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Wesely and Dr. Wesely of Wesely Family Chiropractic in Glen Ellyn, IL, by dialing (630) 790-3335.

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