Stay Safe During the Big Game

As spring training comes to a close and the weather becomes warmer, more and more athletes are beginning to ramp up for their seasons. However, in the minds of many players with all of their focus on the big game, health and safety often take a backseat to winning. Learn how to keep your body safe during game time with help from your Glen Ellyn, IL chiropractor at Wesely Family ChiropracticChiropractic.

What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic can help prevent or treat sports injuries by using hands-on manipulation of the spine and joints to align them into the correct positions and balance the strain against them. The manipulation process works to take the pressure off of the bones in the joints, sometimes causing an audible sound. Called cavitation, this popping sound occurs when the joint moves and releases gas trapped inside.

What To Expect
Your Glen Ellyn chiropractor begins your appointment with a physical exam. During this time, your doctor measures your weight, height and spine alignment and analyses your posture. Family and medical history help your doctor pinpoint any long-standing or potential underlying conditions which relate to your injury. Imaging techniques like x-rays help your chiropractor see the bones and connective tissues within the injured area. If necessary, other testing may be required. Depending on your pain, where it occurs and its severity, your doctor might prescribe physical therapy or a brace to help ease the healing process or properly align the bones and muscles. You and your doctor can work together to find the best and most effective treatment plan for you.

Preventing Sports Injuries
Sports-related injuries usually come about one of two ways: trauma or overuse. Many of these injuries are to the lower back and neck regions. Tips for reducing the risk of sports injuries include:

  • drinking enough water
  • warming up properly
  • wearing the correct equipment for your sport
  • stretching before and after physical activity
  • wearing the correct shoes for your sport
  • switching your cleats or shoes for new ones when they show signs of wear

For more information on keeping your back and neck safe this season, please contact Dr. Mark Wesely and Dr. Michelle Wesely at Wesely Family Chiropractic in Glen Ellyn, IL. Call (630) 790-3335 to schedule your chiropractic appointment today!

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